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Here at Noodle Noodle, we emphasize on good experiences. We know that being a good restaurant is not only about the food, but also the service you get, the atmosphere you're surrounded by, and the people you meet.


Our fantastic team works well together to ensure that you have an incredible experience with us. All of us are delicate to provide high quality of food and the best service. 

Our kitchen team is a committed, forward-thinking group of people who are passionate about creating food experiences. Led by our talented head chef Eirikur Sigurdsson, everyone in the kitchen works towards creating exciting and good food from local ingredients. Chef Eirikur is a fearless and playful chef, who likes to do things differently to bring you a whole new experience of authentic Asian cuisines. His dishes are creative and refreshing takes on traditional Asian food, with many exciting culinary flavors. 

Together with our Restaurant Manger Pål, our owners Shirley and Gary always make sure that you will enjoy the delicious food with a friendly and welcoming environment. Our serving team is attentive and caring, you will see us always walking around and interact with our customers.

We look forward to serve you!

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